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The 71st Golden North Salmon Derby is dedicated to 

Memorial Dedication - Kathy Hildre
Kathy Hildre

It’s not easy to put into words memories of a friend who lived life as fully as Kathy. She was at the center of our best efforts - organizing community events, serving on boards - always advocating for good change. She believed passionately in a prosperous Southeast, and was a dogged defender of Alaska’s capital city.

Fun, talkative, engaging, Kathy was a whirlwind of activity, a true networking force. She served on the Alaska Committee Board, chaired the 50th anniversary Capital City Celebrations, and co-chaired the Golden North Salmon Derby seven times between the years of 1979 and 1996. Kathy worked in the visitor industry for 40 years – 15 years as manager of the Glacier Bay Lodge. She also worked with Holland America, Allen Marine and Four Seasons Marine, always working to showcase the best of Alaska.

Kathy was a lifelong resident of Southeast. Born in Juneau on September 29, 1942 to James and Jessie Orme, she grew up in Juneau’s close knit community and early on developed a knack for bringing people together. A 1960 graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School, Kathy was known for keeping in touch with her classmates and organizing reunions and gatherings over the many years.

Kathy’s feisty spirit and strongly expressed points of view could be disarming at times, but her straight-forward candor was refreshing in the era of the political correct.

Over the years, we spoke often about her latest projects and advocacies. She was especially concerned for the Alaska Marine Highway System and was determined to make sure this most vital Southeast transportation network was well-supported.

On April 22, 2017, a memorable party in Kathy’s honor was held at the Juneau Yacht Club. Hundreds of people came. Young and old, Republican and Democrat, blue collar and company bosses. It was striking how diverse the gathering was, but not surprising for the fact that Kathy Hildre touched so many. Kathy is survived by her husband of nearly 40 years, Ron, son Jim, and daughter Stormy Keyes.

The Territorial Sportsmen Board of Directors and organizers of the 71st Golden North Salmon Derby are honored to recognize Kathy Hildre for her outstanding contributions to the success of the Derby and the educational opportunities provided to generations of Juneau youth.

Volunteer Dedication - Susan Listberger
Susan Listberger

The 2017 Golden North Salmon Derby Committee is pleased to dedicate its 71st derby to Susan Listberger. Susan, born Susan Meketa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, moved to Juneau with her parents and four sisters when she was five years old. Susan fondly recalls her early years of derby fishing in Juneau. She, her parents, and four sisters would motor up to the starting line outside the Douglas Boat Harbor, waiting for the cannon to signal each day’s start. Huddled together with her sisters in the bow of the family’s 16 foot wooden boat, her father would open the throttle as the mass of boats launched off the starting line at the boom of the cannon. Susan and her family members have continued to remain active participants in the derby over the past four decades, placing a few times in the top fish, but mostly having fun just being part of the exciting event.

After graduating from Juneau-Douglas High School in 1978, Susan moved to Olympia, Washington where she worked two years for a private company before relocating to Seattle to work for Alaska’s Marine Highway System. After 2 ½ years in Seattle, Susan transferred with AMHS back to Juneau and has been here ever since. In 1987 she married Tom Listberger. She and Tom have two sons.

In 1994, Susan left State service to open her own business, Bookkeeping Plus, and to spend more time with her children. A year after opening her business, Susan was hired to oversee the financial records for The Territorial Sportsmen, Inc. With her involvement with TSI and her history with and knowledge of the Golden North Salmon Derby, Susan was soon hired to serve as the derby coordinator, a function she performed flawlessly for several years. Some years, in addition to being the derby’s coordinator, she tripled up as its prize and food chairs, as well.

After several years serving as coordinator, Susan stepped down from the position. She continues to coach and mentor new coordinators and help out whenever she can. In 2008 and 2009, Susan stepped up to co-chair the derby. Throughout her involvement with TSI and the Golden North Salmon Derby Susan has remained an active source of information, help, and insights for derby coordinators and chairs, alike.

It is with great pleasure that this year’s derby committee recognizes Susan for her dedication and many contributions to the organization, the derby, and Juneau’s youth. Please join us in congratulating Susan on her well-deserved recognition.

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