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2021 High Five drawing for all derby ticket purchasers


Drawing for up to $48,000 sponsored by Bullwinkle’s Pizza,
guaranteed minimum prize of $48 and $480 in pizza coupons

This year, in celebration of Bullwinkle’s 48th year in business, each derby ticket holder will have a chance to be drawn to receive a High Five prize of up to $48,000 with a guaranteed minimum of $48 and $480 in pizza coupons.   One winner and four alternates will be selected by drawings from all derby tickets purchased.

Ticket numbers will be posted on the Salmon Derby website ( on Wednesday, August 18, 2021.   Winners must have their derby ticket with them at Awards Night to collect the prize.   Any prizes that are not collected at Awards Night will be forfeited.


Contest Rules:
The selected contestant is presented 40 sealed envelopes; each envelope contains prize winning amounts of $48,000 (5 envelopes), $4,800 (6 envelopes), $480 (9 envelopes) or $48 plus a $480 Bullwinkle’s gift certificate (20 envelopes)

The contestant selects and opens envelopes in any order they choose until they have opened five (5) envelopes with matching amounts. The contestant wins the amount shown on the 5 matching envelopes.

High Five Derby Ticket Prize - Possible $48,000 from Bullwinkles
Nathan Imes
Alternate #1
Hans WM.E. Petaja
Alternate #2
B.L. Hildre
Alternate #3
Roger Rumey
Alternate #4
William White




For questions please contact:
Ron Somerville at 907-321-1236 or Shawn Hooton at 907-723-4668.

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