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Scholarship Data updated for 2021

The Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation, Inc. awarded $ 45,000 in scholarships in 2021. Three $12,000 undergraduate scholarships were given to Jenae Pusich, Tim Degener, & Samantha Dilley to attend a 4-year academic degree program at an accredited university or college.

Michael Starr, Eric Dobson, & Brian Stevenson (2nd grant) each received $3,000 for vocational/technical programs that will be completed in less than 4 years.

The scholarship program began in 1953 with a scholarship awarded to Johnny Harris (a grandson of one of the founders of Juneau—Richard Harris). Since then, 337 scholarships and fellowships have been awarded, totaling $1,920,850.

JDHS Graduating Senior Scholarship Recipients — 273

Vocational/Technical Scholarship Awards — 57

Graduate Fellowship Recipients — 7

Currently, there are 14 students active in our program.

The current TSSF, Inc. Board Members are Gary Hedges, President; Brita Rice, Secretary-Treasurer; and Jim Cartmill, Monika Walker, and Jack Manning, Trustees.

Funding for the scholarship program comes primarily from four sources: The net sales of salmon donated through Territorial Sportsmen’s annual Golden North Salmon Derby, the return on investments in the Foundation’s endowment fund, contributions from Territorial Sportsmen, Inc., and direct donations from the public. Participants in the 2020 derby donated $21,000 in fish sales. This amount goes directly into the TSSF, Inc. Endowment Fund.

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