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To honor the 73rd year of the Golden North Salmon Derby, prizes will be awarded to first 73 contestants catching the largest salmon.

Check our website during the derby each evening for an unofficial list of the derby's
73 top fish . The names of all prize winners will be made public as soon as possible after the list has been certified.

The first 73 contestants catching the largest salmon will have their choice of any one of the prizes except that first prize goes to the largest fish and prize number 73 is reserved for the person catching the 73rd top weight.   With the exception of the 1st and 73rd place prizes, the 2nd place finisher gets his or her choice of any remaining prize, then the 3rd place winner and so forth, until all prizes are claimed. Only one of the top 73 prizes will be awarded to each contestant. In case of a tie, the earliest entered weighed fish will receive the highest standing. If winners or their designated representative are not present on awards night to claim prizes, unclaimed prizes will revert to the derby committee.

Derby prizes will be awarded beginning at 7:00pm on the Thursday following the Derby at Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall. Prize winners or designated representatives must attend Awards Night in order to claim their prize. The official list of winners will be posted here on the Golden North Salmon Derby website on the Tuesday afternoon following the Derby. Winners of Scholarship Fund prizes must claim their prize from the Territorial Sportsmen, Inc., on Awards Night unless otherwise instructed.


2019 Awards Night!
Derby Prizes will be awarded
Thursday, August 29, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
at the Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall.

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