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Learn more about how Territorial Sportsmen, Inc., serves you!


  • Provide scholarships for young people.
  • Promote conservation and maintenance of healthy fish and wildlife populations and habitats.
  • Promote fair and equitable fishing and hunting rights for sportsmen and women.
  • Represent the interests of outdoors users in local issues involving or affecting natural resources.
  • Promote land use decisions to maintain access to public lands.
  • Promote and maintain friendly and respectful relations between sportsmen and state, federal, and private landowners.
  • Educate people in fish and wildlife conservation, adherence to hunting and fishing regulations, and firearms safety.

  • Promote conservation legislation.
  • The Golden North Salmon Derby.
  • Construction of public use cabins in cooperation with state & federal agencies.
  • Contributing to the construction and operation of indoor & outdoor shooting ranges.
  • Educating decision-makers in state government regarding fair and responsible allocation of fish and wildlife resources for sport users.
  • Promote safe hunting and shooting activities by sponsoring Hunter Safety Education programs.
  • Support outdoor-related youth activities.

  • Membership in the Territorial Sportsmen is open to any person who supports and adheres to the purposes of the Territorial Sportsmen.
  • Voting members must be 16 years or older. Junior members, 15 years or younger, are welcome and encouraged to join.
  • Membership is annual. Membership is automatic for contestants in the Golden North Salmon Derby unless the purchaser checks the “no” box on the ticket declining membership.
  • Lifetime memberships available.

For more information contact:
Territorial Sportsmen, Inc.
PO Box 32712
Juneau, AK 99803
Phone: (907) 789-2399
Territorial Sportsmen Scholarship Foundation
PO Box 35014
Juneau, AK 99803
Phone:  (907) 789-9423
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