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The Derby is an annual event held every summer. Participants compete for prizes that are donated by local businesses, organizations, and individuals, and the Territorial Sportsmen, Inc. Participants that catch fish that are not heavy enough to compete for prizes are encouraged to turn these fish in at weigh-in stations. All fish received are sold. The net proceeds provide college and vocational scholarships for local young people. There are a number of volunteers that come back every year. These folks provide continuity and " show the ropes" to new volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers to help invest in our young people.


Opportunities Before The Derby

Prize Committee

Working with the guidance of the Prize Committee Chair, volunteers contact potential prize donors by telephone and/or personal visits. Most of this work can be done on your own schedule and occurs in March, April and May. Congeniality and enjoying working with people definitely a plus.

Opportunities During the Derby

Dock Workers

Handling and weighing slimy fish and working in a hectic environment are a part of the job. So is a lot of camaraderie and good food. Validating tickets, tying up boats, receiving fish from participants, weighing fish, placing fish in totes and filling out weigh-in slips are included in the job. Fish cleaning is NOT. Good rain gear is a must.

Boat Patrol
Volunteers must have a boat that meets all applicable federal and state requirements. Job is to patrol during Derby and note any boats that are not complying with Derby rules including speeding in reduced speed zones, fishing outside the boundaries, and monitoring the finish lines at the end of the Derby.

Statistics/Digital Derby Data System
Assist the Derby Statistician in compiling the data. Job is 2-3 hours at the end of fishing day. If you have a laptop computer with Microsoft Excel and the ability to send email, we can really use your help in developing the new Digital Derby Data System. 

Fish collection and Ice Distribution
Involves loading of fish totes at Amalga Harbor and transporting to fish processor. Also involves unloading totes of ice. Mechanical aids help make the job less physically demanding but a strong back still a plus.

Awards Night
Occurs Thursday evening after Derby. Set up stations and distribute the various prizes won by participants.

Click here if you would like to volunteer for any of these activities and help our young people.

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